Our history

Hello, we are Roland and Armin – founders and minds behind pro planche !

In 2018...

...we both sat together and once again discussed the latest innovations that were presented on television shows. USPs, market potential, game changer, multifunctional, all-rounder. The invention had to be groundbreaking in order to be successful on the market. But unfortunately most products were only superficially good and the marketing behind them was better than the product itself….

Hungry, we went to the kitchen - it was supposed to be a quick curry. Vegetables and meat out of the fridge, knife out and then a cutting mat. Naturally made of wood – sustainability is important to us. And for the meat? But better made of plastic - hygiene and easy cleaning must also be... and we got stuck with this contradiction...

There are numerous kitchen gadgets - but when it comes to one of the most central elements in cooking - the cutting board - there was nothing on the market that really satisfied us. Two years and numerous tests later, we have a product that 100% meets our requirements.

Made from the raw material paper, the material is a real material of the future. Natural, durable, simply beautiful. The color of the “slate” cutting board is timeless and elegant. It can withstand the processing of difficult foods such as berries, beets or onions and can also be cleaned easily and thoroughly in any dishwasher. Temperatures up to 170°C cannot affect the board. Ideal for placing hot pots or serving food.

per planche stands for sustainability, hygiene and resistance. A well thought-out design, regionally produced and made from sustainable materials. Our products are manufactured in our homeland of East Tyrol by a socio-economic company, which means that socially disadvantaged people are also supported - we are proud of that too.

per planche – we make products for demanding use every day!