Care and operating tips

Our pro planche cutting boards combine the positive properties of wooden cutting boards with those of plastic. They are particularly easy to use and can be cleaned easily and hygienically in the dishwasher. Nevertheless, there are a few points that you should pay attention to when using your pro planche cutting boards so that you can enjoy our cutting boards made of recycled paper for a long time.

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Our products are cleaned in a dishwasher before packaging. However, we still recommend additional cleaning before first use.

Cutting boards from “pro planche” can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. Due to the heat storage properties, the cutting boards are also optimally dried and do not have to be dried by hand like plastic cutting boards. Of course, cleaning by hand is also possible. Make sure that the cutting boards are completely dried after cleaning.

Moisture and bending

Thanks to the special materials and the special manufacturing process, our cutting boards are very durable. However, residual moisture or cutting boards that are not completely dry can lead to slight bending under certain circumstances. Therefore, make sure that the cutting boards are dried well before storing them flat in the drawer. However, if one of your cutting boards is still bent, this effect can also be used to bend the cutting board straight again. To do this, moisten the concave side and place the cutting board with the damp side down on a flat surface such as the kitchen worktop overnight.

Staining and care

The dark color of the cutting boards can cause white spots to appear on the surface, for example if the water contains lime. Rubbing, for example with a vegetable cooking oil, will counteract this staining and your cutting boards will retain their black color.

Use on both sides

The cutting boards can be used on both sides. Our tip: Use one side for cutting activities in the kitchen and the second side for preparing food. This means you have a beautiful, non-scratched surface over a long period of time.

Wear and tear on cutting boards

The hardness of the boards is particularly gentle on knives. This means that, in contrast to glass cutting boards, etc., your kitchen knives do not quickly become dull. There are cuts on the cutting boards - this is normal and harmless. If there is any abrasion on the cutting boards, we recommend thorough cleaning with a rough kitchen sponge.

It is also possible to sand the cutting boards without hesitation, after which the cutting boards will look like new!

Use for demanding cutting tasks

For reasons of sustainability, our pro planche cutting boards are not equipped with rubber feet or other anti-slip elements.

Professional tip from star chefs: For a perfect hold, we recommend using a tea towel as a base between the cutting board and the worktop.

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